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Love working with cars?

Bit of a Perfectionist?

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Invest in yourself with an outstanding business opportunity in automotive SMART repair.

Perfect Repair SMART Repair offers you a unique opportunity to work for yourself as mobile technician, with the lowest possible initial investment, minimal ongoing fee options, world-beating Perfect Repair training, plus market-leading kit, equipment and consumables.

More than 10 million car owners have suffered annoying scuffs or scratches due to clashes in car parks… parking spaces have stayed the same size for 20 years, cars have widened by around 16 per cent—making the average modern model two inches broader than the legal minimum space. And the squeeze is costing motorists an annual £500 million in repairs to their paintwork.

(Daily Mail, 16 September 2013)

Those 10 million car owners with scuffed paint represent just one segment of the SMART repair market.

What is SMART repair?

Perfect Repair SMART repair is a mobile minor damage repair service for vehicles, including paint, leather, vinyl, velour interiors, windscreens, bodywork and alloy wheels.

At any time there are an estimated 1.9 million vehicles in need of repair, allowing you to find and manage valuable commercial dealership business and target lucrative retail customers in a sector worth an estimated £6.8 billion in the UK!

We will train, equip and support you to carry out a professional repair of the highest quality every time, quickly and easily at the dealership, or at your customer‘s home or office address, using the latest technology and industry approved techniques.

There are real opportunities out there. Come with us and take them.

What are we offering you?
Perfect Repair offers you the opportunity to build a thriving business, working from your own custom-fit van to repair minor road and car park damage (of which there’s no shortage!), windscreens, alloy wheels, velour and leather seats, vinyl trim, door cards, bumpers etc. in the trade and for private motorists.

Option A—Basic SMART repair training and equipment package for you to set up on your own, as an independent technician

Option B—Full set-up package for you to join the Perfect Repair Repair Network with your own SMART repair business, including ongoing support from our experienced team

Option C—Bespoke package for you to build your own independent SMART repair business

You will benefit from our technical and business experience. You’ll be set up with excellent training, equipment selection and van installation. You can also make use of our established Perfect Repair branding and website to promote your business.

You will have a flexible, van-based, mobile SMART repair operation providing you with a ‘One Stop Solution’ to meet customer needs ranging from paint repair to interior fabrics, leathers and plastics, alloy wheels, bumpers and windscreens.

Our repair technology covers almost all types of cosmetic damage to cars—it’s not just about paint—giving you an unbeatable business opportunity as well as fantastic profit margins! Because of our sector experience, we offer a far larger set of SMART repair equipment (increasing your earning opportunities) than commonly available elsewhere, certainly at the price we’re offering!

Aside from the van itself (which you will supply), we will take care of everything for you and set you up with all the kit and equipment that you will need, including a full set of consumables and most importantly the technical training that you need to get you started.

What do you get with your Perfect Repair business?
Depending on the option you choose…

  • Exclusive territory with expansion potential
  • Van-based model, working from home
  • High spec interior van fitting supplied and installed
  • Smart vehicle branding and sign-writing
  • Comprehensive SMART repair equipment suite, maximising your earnings opportunities
  • Automotive Industry approved technical training and repair processes
  • Local commercial business development training in your area
  • Business stationery pack
  • Localised internet presence
  • Locally focused Search Engine Optimisation
  • Uniform
  • Entry for Automotive Technician IMI Accreditation
  • Financial / investment planning assistance for set up,

How much can you earn?
In an ordinary job your earnings are not affected by how hard you work; somebody else benefits from the extra effort you put in. With your own business, and with a diligent approach, your earnings can be unlimited.

Plus, no boss!

We will show you how our business model can achieve sales in excess of £80,000 per year!

When you are successful with one van, why not take on another and maybe more. The market is there. There is nothing to stop you.

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If this special opportunity appeals then you must at least come and see us and allow us to buy you a coffee while we tell you all about the business. We’re not another corporate. You will not be just another number, just another applicant. We’re a very easy going, professional group of people, and we’d like to help you get started with us by showing you a business we’re truly passionate about—and we hope you will be too.

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